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Development of hybrid aluminium metal matrix composite and study of property
James S.J, Ganesan M, Santhamoorthy P,
Published in Elsevier BV
Volume: 5
Issue: 5
Pages: 13048 - 13054
Hybrid metal matrix composites are advanced materials used for light weight high strength applications in aerospace and automobile sector. Among the various techniques employed in fabricating hybrid metal matrix composites stir casting technique is simple and economical. The metal matrix choice was Aluminium 6061and the reinforcements are Zirconium di oxide (ZrO2) and Aluminium oxide (Al2O3) respectively. Aluminium 6061 was chosen due to its excellent cast ability, compatibility and application in aerospace and automotive sector. The key objective of exploiting zirconium di oxide as one of the reinforcement was, ZrO2 adopts a monoclinic crystal structure at room temperature and transitions to tetragonal and cubic at higher temperatures and holds very high refractory property. The key cause of selecting Aluminium oxide as one of the reinforcement includes that it possess a very high wear resistant property. The composite comprises of 90% of aluminium 6061, 5% of ZrO2 and 5% of Al2O3 which was restricted to 10 weight percentage in order to prevent cluster formation and to reduce weight. The average size of the reinforcing particle was 55-65 microns in order to attain good bonding with metal matrix. The developed composite casting was cut using wire EDM and test specimens were prepared.The various test consist of, micro graph study, tensile strength test, micro hardness test wear test and corrosion behaviour test. Micro graph study was carried and the images reveal the availability of reinforcement particles in the metal matrix phase. Tensile strength test specimens were cut as per ASTM- E8 standard, and the readings were tabularized. The tensile value show significant improvement. The hardness test was performed using Vickers micro hardness tester and its maximum value is 82.9 at 200kgf load. This accounts 70% increase when evaluate with parent alloy. Wear test was performed using pin on disc Ducom wear test device and the result shows significant increase in wear resistant property when compare with ground alloy Al6061. This is due to the excellent tribological property of ZrO2 and Al2O3. This research work comprises of successful invention of hybrid metal matrix composite with elevated property. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd.
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