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Development of novel ready-to-drink coconut based beverage and studies on its sensory, nutritional properties and shelf life
S. Yardi, A.B. Ashtekar, P. Bhattacharya,
Published in Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology
Volume: 11
Issue: 6
Pages: 2357 - 2359
Consumption of liquid food helps in better assimilation of nutrients than solid food. Coconut milk is used in wide varieties of traditional Indian cuisine and it is considered to be a nutrient dense food. Hence this study aimed at developing a ready to drink coconut based beverage and analyzed its sensory, nutritional and shelf life properties. Different combination of ingredients were used. They were subjected to nutritional and sensory analysis, besides testing for the shelf life. Combination 1 was comparable with the control in terms of sensory property. The protein content in the prepared beverage was fivefold higher than the control. © RJPT All right reserved.
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