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Development of Test Automation Framework for REST API Testing
Venkatraj S, Vengatesan K, ,
Published in American Scientific Publishers
Volume: 16
Issue: 2
Pages: 453 - 457
This work proposes a generalized excel based test automation framework for REST API testing using groovy script. Testing is an important process in software development process, which helps to find unknown errors, failure and bugs in a software application and increases quality of the software application. With the existing process of testing is manual, where the inputs are given manually and the actual outcome or output is validated for different test case scenarios. This manual testing leads to increase in time and effort of testing, as there will be different scenarios to be tested in which different test data has to be prepared to test a particular functionality. As the functionalities in an application changes or added up, over the software development phase, there is a need to test the old functionalities after and before, integrating the new or changed functionality to the existing system. This results in testing the already tested functionalities to test again manually, which increases effort and time for the testing process. The manual testing process has to be automated, so that the testing time, effort and money can be reduced. The test automation framework is implemented using a groovy compiling tool in which the functionalities such as, read the data from input test data excel file, make a REST API request, validate the data and writing the result to the excel file has been developed. Since groovy is a flavor of java, several libraries have been imported to implement the test automation framework. Copyright © 2019 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.
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