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Discovery of benzothiazolylquinoline conjugates as novel human A 3 receptor antagonists: biological evaluations and molecular docking studies
Sarkar B, Maiti S, Jadhav G.R,
Published in The Royal Society
Volume: 5
Issue: 2
Adenosine is known as an endogenous purine nucleoside and it modulates a wide variety of physiological responses by interacting with adenosine receptors. Among the four adenosine receptor subtypes, the A3 receptor is of major interest in this study as it is overexpressed in some cancer cell lines. Herein, we have highlighted the strategy of designing the hA3 receptor targeted novel benzothiazolylquinoline scaffolds. The radioligand binding data of the reported compounds are rationalized with the molecular docking results. Compound 6a showed best potency and selectivity at hA3 among other adenosine receptors. © 2018 The Authors.
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JournalData powered by TypesetRoyal Society Open Science
PublisherData powered by TypesetThe Royal Society
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