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Dry Machining of Nimonic 263 Alloy Using PVD and CVD Inserts
Published in Springer Singapore
Pages: 179 - 198
Nickel-based alloys are used in critical components where superior mechanical strength, corrosion and oxidation resistance at high operating temperatures are a prerequisite. Of the nickel-based alloys, one that has excellent resistance to thermal fatigue and creep characteristics suitable for use in the combustion chamber of aircraft engines is Nimonic C-263. This is a difficult to turn material owing to its superior properties, and the proper selection of a cutting tool along with cutting parameters plays major role is required in order to enhance its machinability. This paper presents a comparative analysis of force, roughness and tool wear during the dry machining Nimonic 263 alloy using coated carbide inserts. Machinability experiments based on Taguchi’s L16 orthogonal array are carried out. From the experimental results, the cutting force could not be improved, although a remarkable reduction in roughness and tool wear is observed for the AilTiN PVD coated insert under different cutting condition compared to TiN/Al2O3/TiCN. © Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2019.
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