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Durability properties of self-compacting concrete using different mineral powders additions in ternary blends
P. Danish,
Published in Fundatia Serban Solacolu
Volume: 50
Issue: 3
Pages: 369 - 378
This investigation was carried out to find the effect of various admixtures on the durability properties of Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) with ternary blends of powders. In this investigation SCC was prepared with Metakaolin (MK), Fly Ash (FA) as partial replacement of cement and Waste Marble Powder (WMP) as a filler material (replacing partial the sand). The MK and FA contains higher concentrations of Silica and Alumina and are therefore considered as congenial Supplementary Cementing Materials (SCM’s). Seven different proportions of MK were used in this investigation. The partial replacement of 15% FA with cement was kept constant for all the mixes (M1-M7) except control mix (M0). The efficiency of FA was evaluated by designing a control mix with 15% FA substitution (M8) of cement. The fine aggregate was replaced partially by 20% WMP. A total of nine mixes were designed. The specimens were tested in the hardened state at different ages for assessing the durability characteristics of SCC such as water absorption and porosity, sorptivity and resistance to acid attack. The results of this investigation revealed that the influence of above admixtures used was quite effective in production SCC with improved durability properties. © 2020, Fundatia Serban Solacolu. All rights reserved.
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JournalRevista Romana de Materiale/ Romanian Journal of Materials
PublisherFundatia Serban Solacolu