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E-Governance in Agriculture
L.B. Krithika, , B.N.V. Sai, J.M. Asha,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Agriculture is the major sector that increases the economy of a country and reduces the poverty thereby, it makes the livelihood of people easier. The adverse condition of the agriculture sector is that the strategies, policies, services and programs implemented by the government to the farmers must be well planned and organised. In the agricultural application, there are many situations that we can use Information and Communication Technology. This includes farmers, dairy workers, agricultural traders, scientists, intermediaries and non-governmental organisations working in the agricultural field. Agricultural training centres available in their region, market prices of the crops, government policies awareness are some other facilities that can be utilized by the farmers. These advantages are most important for a better agricultural community and livelihoods in a country. Here a case study on integrating cloud computing technology with the agricultural domain to help the farmers to increase their profit is discussed. © 2020 IEEE.