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Ecocriticism in Indian fiction
K. Sufina,
Published in IUP Publications
Volume: 13
Issue: 1
Pages: 55 - 61
Ecocriticism, a literary theory, is crucial in the current scenario, as reading a literary work under ecocritical lens is one of the functions of ecocriticism. It not only magnifies the works that appreciate nature but also explores the linguistic and literary exemplifications of the environment. Writing about ecology and environment is documented in ancient Indian literature, hence ecocriticism is not new to Indian literary context. Ecological balance is vividly represented in the Sangam (Tamil) literature, for instance, detailing of Aintinai (five landscapes). In contemporary Indian writing, there seems to be an imbalance between fiction and nonfiction environmental writings. A focus on ecological imbalance due to urbanization and westernization is seen in many unexplored Indian novels. The number of nonfictional writings famed for their "green" concern is quite high compared to fiction. This paper reviews the literature on ecocritical studies and brings out the ecological aspects in Indian fiction. © 2018 IUP. All Rights Reserved.
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