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Effect of impeller clearance and multiple impeller combinations on solid suspension in a standard flat bottom agitated vessel
Published in Sphinx Knowledge House
Volume: 6
Issue: 2
Pages: 973 - 981
Agitation finds its usage among a wide range of industries like food, cosmetic, chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical applications. Among chemical applications these include fermentation, crystallization, hydrogenation and catalytic reactions. The determination of critical impeller speed is one of the most important parameter under consideration for mechanical agitators and has been under investigation for quite some time now. However, the effect of impeller clearance for different impellers on solid mixing has not yet been well established. In this work, three impellers have been taken into consideration, namely, Rushton turbine, Rushton turbine with 45° angle and Pitched blade turbine. An attempt has been done to study the effect of multiple impeller combinations in a standard agitated vessel. The impellers were used individually and in combinations of two and three. The critical impeller speed, optimum impeller clearance and power consumption were observed. Hick's method was used to determine the critical impeller speed and the power consumption was determined by using a piezoelectric ceramic transducer and the experiments were performed in the C/T range of 0.1 to 0.35.The study revealed that at a clearance of T/3 all the three impellers showed lowest critical impeller speed and pitched blade turbine consumes less power compared to other impellers. In two impeller combinations the Rushton turbine at the bottom and pitched blade at the top consumed less power among other two impeller combinations. In three impeller combinations the Rushton turbine at bottom, pitched blade at middle and Rushton turbine with 45° angle at top consumed less power among other three impeller combinations.
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JournalInternational Journal of ChemTech Research
PublisherSphinx Knowledge House
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