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Effect of Laser Process Parameters on Laser Assisted Machining Of Inconel 718: Statistical – Regression Analyses
Kalyan P, Kumar P,
Published in Elsevier BV
Volume: 5
Issue: 5
Pages: 11238 - 11247
This paper discusses the effect of laser-assisted process parameters on cutting forces and surface temperature during laser assisted machining (LAM) of Inconel 718. The heat source used for pre-heating the surface is Nd:YAG laser source. Cutting speed, feed rate and laser power are the process parameter assessor for cutting force and cutting temperature. The experiments are planned and results are collected based on Taguchi's L27 orthogonal design. The factor effect on output responses are analysed using a main effect plots (2D) and its significance is perceived from analysis of variance (ANOVA). Results reveal that cutting speed bags a maximum contribution of 56%, followed by cutting speed feed rate as 24%, feed rate laser power as 10.5% and feed rate as 10%. Finally, the benefit of LAM was shown by 55% decrease in feed force (Fx), 50% decrease in thrust force (Fy) and 60% decrease in cutting force (Fz), as compared to those of the conventional machining. Additionally, it is also recommended to employ a work surface temperature in the range of 750°C-887°C during LAM of this Inconel 718 alloy to have maximum process benefits. The developed regression model reveals the goodness of fit with experimental data has high determination coefficient i.e. R2 = 0.91 for tangential force and 0.71 for surface temperature. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd.
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