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Effect of short carbon fiber/SiC on tribological properties of aluminium matrix hybrid composites
Tanmay Vivek Joshi,
Published in IOP Publishing
Volume: 1
Issue: 3

This research study was carried out to combine the beneficial properties of Silicon Carbide (SiC) and carbon fiber (CF) as reinforcements in the aluminum matrix to develop the composites for automotive and aerospace applications. Powder metallurgy was used to fabricate five samples with different compositions. Optical microscopy was used to visualize the microstructure and the phases of the composite. Linear wear, coefficient of friction, density, and Vickers hardness of the samples were determined and were compared. The sample with 6 wt.% CF and 10 wt.% SiC was found to have the optimal properties for the application. The linear wear was 52.32% less and the hardness was 14.58% more than the base.

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