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Effective management on conservation of irrigation for sustainable development
S. Parthiban, S. Rajamohan,
Published in International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research
Volume: 9
Issue: 2
Pages: 3497 - 3503
Irrigation has become a life lone of agriculture people. The early civilizations flourished along the river valleys. The importance of water is inevitable for the sustainable development of a nation as it is closely linked with social, cultural, economic and environment benefits. Over the years the country is learnt to have understood the importance of management in the course of irrigation development scenario of continuing pressure on water resources and its essentiality for the sustenance of life has evolved concept of conservation. Following which many efforts have been taken like watershed development scheme, water harvestment, renovation of ponds, tanks, De-silting of canals, strengthening of bunds and introduction of micro irrigation schemes and so on to conserve water. Even then the issues of water scarcity, droughts, salinity, depletion of ground water, lack of adoption of advanced irrigation technologies, fund crunch, drainage problems and the inefficient operation, maintenance and monitoring mechanisms prevailed. To overcome from these shortfalls water the effective managerial practices can be followed by considering cost, time, quality, organizational designed and implementation dynamics. Develop an integrated approach for the effective management of water resources through networks, linkages, co-ordination, co-operation and harmonization. With the improved research, collaborating technology transfers and dissemination of advanced irrigation practices can eliminate or mitigate the existing issues of low water efficiency, low water productivity, in-equity and adopting to the effective managerial irrigation practices can resolve the issues in the irrigation conservation and restore ecological balance for the sustainable development. © IJSTR 2020.
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