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Efficient encryption technique for medical X-ray images using chaotic maps
Reddy V.P.K,
Published in IEEE
Pages: 783 - 787
Recently, many fraudulent attacks towards life/health insurances by providing fake health information are in increase. Hence there is a need for security of the images sent by the medical practitioner to the insurance provider. In this paper, steganography and encryption techniques are combined to protect the patient confidentiality, and increase the security in medical images. In existing approaches, steganography or water marking are used to secure the medical images, but these techniques can't assure robust security on transmission. Hence, a combined steganography to incorporate the patient's details and advanced encryption techniques to secure the transmission is required. In this paper, an approach for encryption using discrete non-linear system that provides least correlation for secured transmission is proposed. Henon and Chebyshev maps are the discrete non-linear systems adopted in the process. A database of 10 X-ray images is considered for performance evaluation. The metrics such as entropy and correlation coefficient are evaluated and it is observed that the combined Henon and Chebyshev map gives better results. © 2016 IEEE.
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JournalData powered by Typeset2016 International Conference on Wireless Communications, Signal Processing and Networking (WiSPNET)
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