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Efficient node cooperation and security in MANET using closeness technique
, K. K.Duraiswamy
Published in Engg Journals Publications
Volume: 6
Issue: 2
Pages: 754 - 763
By description, a mobile ad hoc network does not stay on any permanent infrastructure; in its place, all networking utilities (e.g., routing, mobility management, etc.) are accessed by the nodes themselves in a self-organizing manner. On the other hand, it is rigid to support cooperativeness among the nodes for their own restricted resources that require to be conserved. These scrupulous nodes which are also termed as selfish nodes decline to help other nodes in forwarding packets owing to the anxiety of having resource. Several researches design a new method that aims at attaining confidentiality of the location for an efficient communication. Thus, privacy appears from the mobile network and users gain control over the disclosure of their locations. In this work, we propose closeness mechanism accepted from the assumption of small-world event or also termed as degrees of separation to persuade cooperativeness among nodes in a trusted node's community. This paper also provides some general idea on how to develop security on the trusted MANET community by adapting security features of trust. The simulation of the proposed Efficient Node Cooperation and Security [ENCS] in MANET work is done for varying topology, node size, attack type and intensity with different pause time settings and the performance evaluations are carried over in terms of node cooperativeness, clustering efficiency, communication overhead and compared with an existing secured key model.
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JournalInternational Journal of Engineering and Technology
PublisherEngg Journals Publications