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Electromagnetic Radiation Hazards on Humans Due to Mobile Phones
Published in Indian Society for Education and Environment
Volume: 9
Issue: 20
There is an escalation in the amount of mobile phone users day by day with the availability of low cost, highly featured mobiles in the market. In the present investigation, the radiation characteristics of cell phone hand set is being analyzed at the frequency of 900 MHz and the interaction of these radiations with the human body is to be evaluated. The effects of radio frequency (RF) energy are related to the rate of energy absorption and it is computed using the parameter specific absorption rate. The specific absorption rate (SAR) of EM radiation from cell phones on human body is being analyzed at the regions of skin, muscle and heart. A novel method for the modeling of human body is carried out using the MATLAB software, which uses the finite difference time domain (FDTD) method for the SAR calculations. Further its effects are being analyzed from our investigation and it is reported that the measured SAR are within the FCC limits.
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JournalIndian Journal of Science and Technology
PublisherIndian Society for Education and Environment
Open AccessNo