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Emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness: Mediation effect of trust and organizational citizenship behavior of the middle-level managers in life insurance corporations in Chittoor district -a sequential mediation with two mediators
A. Poornima,
Published in Innovare Academics Sciences Pvt. Ltd
Volume: 7
Issue: 12
Pages: 850 - 858
Departments play a crucial role in the performance of effectiveness and performance of departments depends on effectiveness of their manager. This research is an attempt to assess heads of the departments' Emotional Intelligence and its relationship with leadership effectiveness at Chittoor District. Results suggested that the heads interpreted and expressed by both Trust and Organization Citizenship Actions partly mediate the effects of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership. The aim of this study was to analyze the behaviors associated with Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Effectiveness and to decide if there were different dimensions of confidence and OCB predicts both EI and Leadership Effectiveness. It was assumed that there would be a mediating effect of trust and OCB on both EI and LE, as found in previous studies (Konovsky & Pugh, 1994, Podskoff, Mackenzie, Moorman & Fetter, 1990). Non-experimental, quantitative analysis method The Macro SAS model was used to test the hypothesis. Independent variable, emotional intelligence was measured using a self-reported EI scale developed by Wong and Law (2002). The Trust mediator component calculated by the Work Place Trust survey (Adopted) developed by Ferres (2002). The mediator OCB variable was calculated using the OCB (Adopted) checklist developed by Suzy Fox (2011). Non-experimental, quantitative analysis method the model of the Macro SAS was used to test the hypothesis. The results indicated partial mediation in the case of trust and OCB mediating factors. The implications of the study, the limitations of the study and the recommendations for future research are presented. © 2020 by Advance Scientific Research. This is an open-access article under the CC BY license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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JournalJournal of Critical Reviews
PublisherInnovare Academics Sciences Pvt. Ltd