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Emotional Intelligence – Its Importance and Relationship with Individual Peformance, Team-Effectiveness, Leadership and Marketing Effectiveness
Balamohan P, Tech M,
Published in Richtmann Publishing
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Pages: 120 - 128

The aim of this review is to analyze how emotional intelligence plays a crucial and significant role in guiding and enhancing one’s behavior and activity both within oneself and in workplace effectively and efficiently. A brief literature review is done to identify the relative importance of emotional intelligence, methods to measure emotional intelligence and the relationship of emotional intelligence with individual performance, team-effectiveness, leadership and marketing that best guide one’s activity towards self- and organizational growth. Emotional intelligence is found to be positively correlated with all the factors and acts as an important determinant in analyzing, modifying and channelizing one’s behavior towards self- and organizational growth. Difficulty in testing emotional intelligence as there is no clear evidence on whether it originates from one’s personality trait or through learning and experience. Though many theoretical and few empirical evidences are available to best support emotional intelligence, future research should focus on developing more empirical models that takes into consideration all the critical aspects that emotional intelligence possess so to have deeper understanding of its perspective. © 2015 Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. All rights received.

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JournalMediterranean Journal of Social Sciences
PublisherRichtmann Publishing
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