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Employees attitude towards organizational change
E. Rebeka,
Published in Serials Publications
Volume: 97
Issue: 4
Pages: 99 - 106
Objectives: Change is very important for any organization since changes are undertaken by altering. An important assumption in management is that employee attitude and reactions to organizational change are closely associated. This theoretical papertries to capture the attitude of employees on change in organization. Methods: Descriptive study was carried out. The existing literature on attitude of employees on Organizational change was reviewed in the light of this analysis to identify the impact of employee's attitude on successful implementation of change. Findings: It is complex for any organizations, specifically for top management as, to get ready and direct the change in behavior that influence the stress of both the organization and its employees. The review of earlier studies revealed that attitude of employees during change process in organization plays a vital role in the implementation of new ideas in the organizations. © Serials Publications.
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