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Encapsulated triboelectric−electromagnetic hybrid generator for a sustainable blue energy harvesting and self-powered oil spill detection
S.-J. Kim, W.J. Kim, V. Vivekananthan, G. Khandelwal,
Published in American Chemical Society
Volume: 2
Issue: 10
Pages: 3100 - 3108
Hybridizing the triboelectric and electromagnetic generator shows excellent potential in harvesting the water wave energy in a wide frequency range from low to high upon water wave motions. The triboelectric component works on low-frequency accelerations, and at the high-frequency accelerations, the electromagnetic components work efficiently. The hybrid generator is composed of a triboelectric and electromagnetic generator, which generates electrical output independently upon the same mechanical motions. The device is composed of a tubular structure with the inner part having a magnet and Kapton as triboelectric layers, and at the outer part, coils were wounded on either side, activating the electromagnetic part. The same magnet movement activates the triboelectric component when it moves over the Kapton, and during its motion inside the coil, activates the electromagnetic part. The tube-shaped hybrid generator produces an electrical output under the triboelectric component of 20 V and 100 nA with an output power of 85 nW. The single electromagnetic generator unit delivers a determined output of 3 V and 11 mA with an output power of 4 mW. The hybrid configuration generates a higher output of 7 V and 20 mA compared to the individual components. The device is then used as an oil spill detector to detect oil spill at sea with the change in conductivity of the seawater with the generated electrical output from the device. This work renders the innovative approach of scavenging blue energy as well as showing an excellent prospect for enabling the self-powered oil spill detection and marine rescue systems. © 2020 American Chemical Society
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