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Recently, the Distributed Generation (DG) structure has become an important aspect of daily planning and has achieved a variety of functions while maximizing the functionality of utilities. It should balance the energy-equilibrium of the system components and the production limit. Uncertainties arise during the operation of the DG, represented by generator power, load requirements and fluctuations in electricity prices. The reactive power problem is the major concern associated with the Distributed Generation (DG) system. This article analyzes both DG and an energy storage system along with their optimal performance using a specific algorithm. For optimal analysis of DG and ESS, an Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm (IABC) is proposed. The IABC evaluates the performance of distribution network. It takes DG and ESS into account for analyzing optimal design problems, the main goal of which is to minimize …

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JournalInternational Journal of Modeling, Simulation, and Scientific Computing
PublisherWorld Scientific
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