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Enhanced safe and secure distributed healthcare system through efficient duplication detection approach
, , V. Kanchana Devi, , R. Manikandan, A. Kumar,
Published in Radiance Research Academy
Volume: 12
Issue: 24
Pages: 101 - 105
Introduction: Currently the Manual Health Care System works on a Referral basis where a Village Patient is referred to District Level Hospital for further treatment and then to State/National Level Hospitals if not cured. The patient needs to carry all the medical prescription records manually for each level and there is no data security. Missing of any data will lead to undergo a tedious process. Objectives: This study aims to analyse the drawbacks in the existing healthcare system in the rural areas and proposed an effective secured assistive health care system for rural areas. Methods: Local village structure and the patient information were studied and an application is developed to store the patient’s information in a secured way. The secured data is distributed to the state and national level hospitals during treatment. This al-lows the early diagnosis and treatment of a person in villages. Results: The system helps to monitor and update the entire patient record securely using encryption. Avoids duplicated file processing and stores the data in Distributed Servers by enabling high maintenance and security thereby maintaining better health care system. Conclusion: The proposed distributed system will reduce the manual work and help to maintain the patient record in sync at the village-district-state-national level. This distributed system is a procedural healthcare system. It satisfies the patient require-ments and it stores the prescription data and information about patients in a distributed system for easy maintenance of data. This system has enabled the security system with auditing files, which are stored in distributed servers. © 2020, Radiance Research Academy. All rights reserved.
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JournalInternational Journal of Current Research and Review
PublisherRadiance Research Academy
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