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Enhancing communication skills and moral values to engineering students through mythology: A study
K. Sufina,
Published in Serials Publications
Volume: 96
Issue: 9
Pages: 3015 - 3021
Objectives: The purpose of the paper is to enhance the LSRW skills and to develop moral behavior of the Engineering students with the help of mythology. Method: Using convenience sampling method, 25 under graduate Engineering students are selected as variables. By adapting Activity Based Language Learning (ABLL) method, activities are given to the students to improve their language skills and inculcate interest in mythology as well. Questionnaires are given and feedbacks are collected to identify the students' level of understanding mythology. Findings: Most of the Engineering students have enough technical expertise but lack communication skills which is necessary for showcasing their talent. Along with that the learners find it difficult to cope with the society due to the lack of moral knowledge. Through the activities that impart myth, the students develop their LSRW skills and along with that their moral behaviour is ameliorated too. Improvements: Students find ABLL as an interesting method where the acquisition of the language skills happens naturally, communication is no longer a barrier in their career and the ability to know about myth change the personal behaviour of the students. © Serials Publications.
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