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Estimation of angle glint for different radar targets
Published in IEEE
Pages: 198 - 202
Angle glint can is the distortion in the radar echo signal phase front and is observed as deviation of the direction of power flow from the radial direction and give rise to radar pointing errors. The mechanism that gives rise to these errors is also responsible for angular errors observed in radar multipath conditions. The effect can be either natural or intentional and is due to the destructive interference between the reflections from different scattering centers on the target. The apparent direction from where a scattered field originatesis perpendicular to the phase front of the wave, and in regions where there is destructive interference between the fields there can be significant distortion of the front. For various glint angles using different frequencies the received echo power is calculated and the result is simulated using MATLAB. The range glint is also calculated using different carrier frequency. In obtaining the received echo power, the polarization aspect is considered and the received echo power for different glint angle is simulated for different polarization. Thus the different simulation has been carried out to find the glint error for different scatterers. The radar will move in such a direction so as to nullify the glint angle error produced by the scattering surface of the target. © 2009 IEEE.
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