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Evaluation of static and dynamic characteristics of hydrodynamic spiral-grooved journal bearings using the CFD
Matlapudi J.C, Gunti P.K, Sigatapu D.S,
Published in Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka
Volume: 39
Issue: 2
Pages: 197 - 204
Performance of plain journal bearings can be different by inserting inserting grooves of different cross-sections either on the journal or a bearing surface. This paper presents the prediction of load carrying capacity, stiffness, and damping coefficients of spiral-grooved bearing using the Computational Fluid dynamics (CFD) technique. The spiral grooves have been provided on the rotor surface. The error between the predicted values of these parameters using the CFD and the experimental value is low. A comparative analysis of performance has also been carried out between a grooved journal bearing and a plain journal bearing. The load carrying capacity of plain journal bearing is high when compared to spiral grooved journal bearing. At higher eccentrcity ratios, stability of a spiral-grooved journal bearing is comparatively better than a plain bearing.
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JournalEngineering review
PublisherFaculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka
Open AccessYes