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Execution of various types of controllers to fix the ball position of magnetic levitation system
, T. Deepa, S. Krithiga, N. Swetha, E. Kishore,
Published in Research Trend
Volume: 11
Issue: 3
Pages: 809 - 815
Objective of the work is to control a magnetic levitation system with various control mechanisms to levitate and stabilize a spherical steel ball at a desired position using controllers. This paper tells about Proportional Integral controller, Corresponding Integral Derivative controller and direct quadratic controller for repaying a physical attractive levitation framework. Due to the implementation of controllers, the result shows that increasing transient response of the magnetic levitation system can be changed into a desired manner. The results are verified using simulation and experimental methods. Both the simulation and experimental analysis has been made to stabilize the ball position in the desired position. Controllers like PI, PID and LQR are designed to get fix the ball position in the desired level. Finally LQR controller is given the best result for step, square and sine inputs when compared to PI and PID controller. The work has been extended with various other intelligent and model based controller in future. © 2020, Research Trend. All rights reserved.
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JournalInternational Journal on Emerging Technologies
PublisherResearch Trend