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Experimental investigation and optimization of welding process parameters for various steel grades using NN tool and Taguchi method
Soni S.K,
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Volume: 1943
The term "weldability" has been used to describe a wide variety of characteristics when a material is subjected to welding. In our analysis we perform experimental investigation to estimate the tensile strength of welded joint strength and then optimization of welding process parameters by using taguchi method and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) tool in MINITAB and MATLAB software respectively. The study reveals the influence on weldability of steel by varying composition of steel by mechanical characterization. At first we prepare the samples of different grades of steel (EN8, EN 19, EN 24). The samples were welded together by metal inert gas welding process and then tensile testing on Universal testing machine (UTM) was conducted for the same to evaluate the tensile strength of the welded steel specimens. Further comparative study was performed to find the effects of welding parameter on quality of weld strength by employing Taguchi method and Neural Network tool. Finally we concluded that taguchi method and Neural Network Tool is much efficient technique for optimization. © 2018 Author(s).
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