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Experimental studies and numerical simulation of compressibility of Al-10% Cu powder metallurgy composites
T. Ramesh, R. Narayanasamy,
Published in
Pages: 1063 - 1066
The density level of the part produced by the Powder Metallurgy route is purely controlled by the parameter such as the amount of pressure applied; ram velocity, friction between the powder and the die surfaces. In this research work, an attempt has been made to investigate experimentally the powder compaction of Al-10%Cu metal matrix composites and numerical method was used to simulate the compressibility study of the above mentioned PM process. The experimental and numerical results revealed that the effect of the second phase particle in the void ratio development and the level of enhancement in the relative density of PM compacts. ABAQUS, a finite element tool has been used for performing the numerical simulation utilizing the CAM-CLAY and Porous Metal Plasticity models for the prediction of void ratio and relative density enhancements of the material considered.
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JournalConference Program for the 3rd International Conference on Heterogeneous Materials Mechanics, ICHMM 2011