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experimental study on coir blended concrete strengthened with fly-ash and granite powder
M.E. Akhtar,
Published in Asian Research Publishing Network
Volume: 13
Issue: 21
Pages: 8402 - 8413
This paper describes the experimental studies on the use of Coir as an enhancement of concrete, Fly-ash and Granite powder as a partial replacement of cement and fine aggregate. The addition of Coir significantly improved the engineering properties of concrete, the application of Fly-ash is to enhance the workable performance of the concrete and the application of Granite powder increases the mechanical strength of the concrete. The definitive goal of this research paper is to focus on the environmental sustainability and to find an alternative to normal control concrete. Concrete mix design of M40 was prepared based on Indian standard code (IS 10262). In the concrete mix, the cement was partially replaced with fly-ash (10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50%) by weight fraction along with partially replacement of fine aggregate with granite powder (25% and 50%) by weight fraction and incorporation of 1% coir fibre by volume fraction. Concrete cubes, cylinders and beams were casted and tested for attaining mechanical and physical properties for 7 and 28 days of curing. Non-destructive tests have proved the concrete to be a perfect alternate to control concrete. Mechanical test like compressive strength showed varying results but notable values were seen during the flexural and tensile strength test. Thus, it was accepted that fly-ash and granite powder can be proven perfect replacement for cement and sand along which coconut coir fibre increases the flexural and tensile strength while having varying effect on the compressive strength. © 2006-2018 Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN).
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