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Extending Circumscription: The Metamorphosis of Female Protagonists in the Indian Movies 'The Great Indian Kitchen' and 'Thappad'

Published in Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Volume: 50
Issue: 8
Pages: 1 - 8

The paper explores feminism as a theoretical framework for viewing the metamorphosis of the female leads in the select movies, The Great Indian Kitchen (Malayalam) (2021) and Thappad (Hindi) (2020). The aforementioned films quivered the entire social system which had been entangling womenfolk inside the four walls. The movies, an attempt to break the stereotypical images of women, captured the frustrations and tribulations of married women realistically. The scope of the movies, indeed, is due to the fact women could relate themselves to the characters portrayed on screen. The contemporary works differ from the existing works as it stresses the argument that "walking-off" is inevitable for them where reverence is no longer obliged. Be it a financially independent or dependent, equal rights and mutual respect is undeniable commodity in a family. This paper also intends to untangle the incongruity in the compromises made by womenfolk and how and why society promotes this prejudiced stance. These compromises play a colossal role in the subterranean one-sided patriarchal system of marriage based on gender inequity. The reference point of the argument anticipated here is that there should not be any gravity on woman to endure in a marriage where there is no leeway of equality, self-esteem and veneration.

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