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Facial Identification using Haar Cascading with BRISK
D. Dixit, S. Parashar, A. Gondalia, A. Sengupta,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
A swift and efficient facial identification system is a well-known discipline of computer vision applications and thus forms a pivotal part of image processing. Despite the advantages of existing methods, there is still a great demand for modifications in these algorithms in order to close to lacks of proposed methods. In this proposed work, the image is preprocessed with Contrast-limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization and faces are detected with Haar-Cascading (Viola-Jones algorithm). Then face identification is done using BRISK (Binary Robust Invariant Scalable Key-points) descriptor. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed methodology achieves better facial identification even under various challenging conditions compared with the existing BRISK. © 2020 IEEE.