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Fault tolerant mobile sensor node traversal schemes based on hexagonal coverage
, R.J. D'Souza
Published in
PMID: 24672289
Volume: 2014
Mobile sensor nodes (MSNs) are equipped with locomotive can move around after having been deployed. They are equipped with limited energy. A large portion of energy is drained during the traversal. In order to extend the life time of a MSN, the traveling distance must be minimized. Region of interest (ROI) is covered with multiple MSNs using coverage based pattern movement. When a group of MSNs are deployed to cover a given ROI, all the deployed MSNs should travel an approximately equal distance. Otherwise, the MSN which travels longer distance depletes more energy compared to the MSN which travels a shorter distance. In this work we show that, ROI partition plays great role in hole free coverage and makes the MSNs have optimized movement cost with fault tolerant support. © 2014 Ganala Santoshi and R. J. D'Souza.
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JournalThe Scientific World Journal