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Fem modelling of human eye for investigating the thermal effects of tumor on the ocular surface temperature
Published in Asian Research Publishing Network
Volume: 12
Issue: 23
Pages: 6741 - 6754
Choroidal Melanoma is a type of eye tumor found in the Choroidal tissue. Tumor has a very high metabolic activity which raises the temperature of the tissues in its surrounding. The heat generated by tumor would tend to increase the temperature on the corneal surface of eye. This resulting thermal asymmetry and increase in temperature maybe used in the detection of tumor. The proposed method aims to find out the variation in temperature distribution on cornea's surface due to the presence of tumor. A 3D eye model had been developed for this study. Tumors of various sizes are introduced at different locations in the eye model. The effects on the corneal temperature with reference to a normal eye have been studied. The results indicate that the presence of tumors T2, T3 (maximum in size) can be detected by the proposed method, whereas the temperature variation in the corneal surface produced by T1 tumor (least in size) is not significant enough to be detected. This analysis proved that thermal imaging of the human eye is a promising method in the detection of Choroidal melanoma compared to the existing diagnostic techniques. © 2006-2017 Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN).
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JournalARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
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