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Fingerprint Template Security using Angle-Based Transformation Functions
, P. Kumaran
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
in today's materialistic world security holds an indispensable place. There is a need for security in almost every sector of the society. To overcome the threat, a security system has been proposed using Fingerprint Authentication. Storing the fingerprint template as it is in the database, results in the compromise of one's identity if the database is stolen or hacked. Henceforth, the template has to be made secure by applying a transformation that makes the attacker's possibility of revoking back to the original Fingerprint Template infeasible. This approach uses three different transformations to secure the template. Three different transformation functions namely Conformal, Isogonal and Indirectly Conformal mapping functions are selected and are applied to the original fingerprint template and the effectiveness of each transformation is comparatively analyzed. The main objective of this system is to design and implement a fingerprint biometric security system to transform the original template that is free from all the vulnerabilities by reducing the False Acceptance Rate and improving the False Rejection Rate. The system using conformal mapping has an Equal Error Rate (EER) of 2.8%, the system using isogonal mapping has an EER of 3% and finally the system using indirectly conformal mapping has an EER of 2.7%. © 2019 IEEE.