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Forecasting the Trends in Cloud Computing and its Impact on Future IT Business
Ebin deni raj, , Ezenduariwa, , P venkata krishna
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 14 - 32
Cloud computing has become the cutting-edge technology for information technology processing and high-end computational tasks. Cloud has started playing its part in almost all business processes. Big data in cloud has become the buzzword. The business impact of cloud has deepened with the growth of big data analytics. Current trends such as green cloud computing, mobile cloud computing, and big data have created social as well as business impact. In this chapter, the authors analyze the field of cloud computing and perform an intense literature survey augmented with mathematical analysis. The forecast on the future of cloud and analysis of the current trends shows that cloud computing is a promising technology that will evolve further in years to come.
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JournalGreen Technology Applications for Enterprise and Academic Innovation Advances in Environmental Engineering and Green Technologies
PublisherIGI Global
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