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Formulation and standardization of polyherbal antihyperlipidemic formulation
S. Rani,
Published in Informatics Publishing Limited
Volume: 20
Issue: 4
Pages: 228 - 239
Hyperlipidemia is a very common medical condition. A fairly less invasive, more effective and efficient method with lower or no side effects to treat Hyperlipidemia are to be developed. Thus, use of traditional herbal medication can be a relevant solution to it. Development of highly standardized Polyherbal formulation with respect to chemical content and therapeutic activity is considered as a valuable approach in the field of herbal industry. Traditional medicine is known for its Polyherbal contents and multicomponent therapeutics for managing health problems. Thus, the present research is focused on to formulate, standardize a polyherbal medicine to treat hyperlipidemia and also compared its chemical contents based on, geographical, seasonal variations using standard physio-chemical parameters such as Ash values, Extractive values, pH, and loss on drying, Particle size analysis and physical analysis of powder formulation. HPTLC fingerprinting, with markers such as Gallic acid, Quercetin, Gymnemic acid, and Mahanine were carried out. In addition, residue analysis such as heavy metal content, microbial load, pesticide analysis, aflotoxin determination were also carried out to strengthen the standardization process and to ensure safety. © 2020, Informatics Publishing Limited. All rights reserved.
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