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Fuzzy Approaches and Analysis in Image Processing
, Adhiyaman M.
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 511 - 542
Fuzzy set theory originates to a great extent of interest among the researchers in past decades. It is a key tool to handle the imperfect of information in the diverse field. Typically, it plays a very important role in image processing and found the significant development in many active areas such as pattern recognition, neural network, medical imaging, etc. The use of fuzzy set theory is to tackle uncertainty in the form of membership functions when there is an image gray levels or information is lost. This chapter concerns the preliminaries of fuzzy, intuitionistic fuzzy, type-2 fuzzy and intuitionistic type-2 fuzzy set theory and its application in the fingerprint image; furthermore, the contrast enhancement and edge detection are carried out for that with the assistance of fuzzy set theory. It is useful to the students who want to self-study. This chapter composed just to address that issue.
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JournalComputer Vision
PublisherIGI Global
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