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Fuzzy logic approach for the simultaneous analysis of trends in oral cancer victims
L.S. Vijay,
Published in Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology
Volume: 12
Issue: 8
Pages: 3825 - 3828
The purpose of this research is to determine the influences of any two factors that contribute to oral cancer simultaneously. This research is all the more relevant in the Indian context since oral cancer is the 2ND most abundant form of cancer in India. Conventionally several activities or factors are associated with the disease,even though the amount of scientific or mathematical evidence might not be enough. This paper, along with comparing and analysing the contribution of factors also introduces a particular use of a mathematical method to effectively draw conclusions, which might clear out certain misconceptions regarding the causes of the deadly disease. This form of research can be extended to cover factors or causes that were previously not considered without the need of extensive field work. Since the causes and effects do not relate to each other in definitive terms, the need to accommodateuncertainty arises, and to satisfy this need, fuzzy logic is utilized. © RJPT All right reserved.
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