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Generating graceful unicyclic graph from a given graceful tree
G. Sethuraman, , G. Sethuraman
Published in Charles Babbage Research Centre
Volume: 150
Pages: 213 - 224
A graceful labeling of a graph G with q edges is ail injection/: V(G)-? {0,1,2, • • • , q} with the property that the resulting edge labels are distinct, where an edge incident with vertices x and y is assigned the label |/(x)-/(y)|. The conjecture of TYuszczynski's states that all unicyclic graphs except the cycle Cn with n = 1 or 2(mod 4) are graceful. In this paper, we construct a graceful unicyclic graph G from every graceful tree T such that V(G) = V(T) and where the graceful labeling of G is derived from the graceful labeling of T. © 2020 Charles Babbage Research Centre. All rights reserved.
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JournalArs Combinatoria
PublisherCharles Babbage Research Centre