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Green Chemiluminescence of Highly Fluorescent Symmetrical Azo-Based Luminol Derivative
Published in Oriental Scientific Publishing Company
Volume: 34
Issue: 2
Pages: 894 - 905

A symmetrical azo-based Luminol derivative 2 was synthesized using catalytic dehydrogenative coupling reaction procedure. This symmetrical molecule shows blue fluorescence in polar aprotic solvents (λmax = 450 nm). With an increase in aqueous content 2 was exhibiting aggregation caused fluorescence quenching (ACQ) with a red shift of 30 nm (λmax = 480 nm). Distinct emission features were observed for this molecule with a variation in the pH range. In basic medium, deprotonated form of 2 shows fluorescence quenching followed by enhancement of green chemiluminescence (λmax = 490 nm) with H2O2/Fe3+catalytic system. The fluorescence and chemiluminescent (CL) properties of 2 were compared with its parent luminol 1, The CL emission intensity of 2 was found to be about 16 times higher than that of 1. In addition, HOMO-LUMO energy gap for 2 was also calculated using density functional theory (DFT) studies.

About the journal
JournalOriental Journal of Chemistry
PublisherOriental Scientific Publishing Company
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