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Growth and characterization of L-phenylalanine nitric acid (LPN) and tris L-(phenylalanine)-phenylalanininum nitrate (TPLPN) as second and third order nonlinear optical materials
, Nageshwari M, Mohamed M.P, , Caroline M.L.
Published in Elsevier BV
Volume: 56
Issue: 2
Pages: 721 - 739
We synthesized noncentrosymmetric single crystals of L-phenylalanine nitrate (LPN) and tris L-(phenylalanine) L-phenylalaninium nitrate (TPLPN) by slow solvent evaporation technique. Both crystallized in monoclinic system with different acentric space groups namely P21 (LPN) and C2 (TPLPN) respectively. The IR and Raman spectral investigation was done for LPN and TPLPN and discussed. The UV-vis-studies accomplished the excitation wavelength of the grown crystals suitable to exhibit second harmonic generation signal. From the absorption data, remarkable optical properties such as direct band gap energy, Urbach energy, extinction coefficient were evaluated. The mechanical strength of the grown crystal was examined by Vickers micro hardness test. The temperature of decomposition was confirmed by TG/DSC analysis. Fluorescence emission spectrum of LPN and TPLPN were recorded and lifetime was also studied. The dielectric constant and dielectric loss of LPN and TPLPN has been determined as a function of frequency and temperature. Also the surface topologies of the crystallized salts were assessed by SEM studies. The third-order nonlinearities of LPN and TPLPN were determined by Z-scan technique with Nd: YAG at 532 nm and thereby from closed and open Z-scan data, third-order susceptibilities were calculated to be χ(3 ) = 8.826 × 10−6 esu for LPN and χ(3 ) = 2.552 × 10−7 esu for TPLPN. © 2018 The Physical Society of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
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