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Growth and characterization of l -Serine: A promising acentric organic crystal
Nageshwari M, Rathika Thaya Kumari C, , Muthu S, Lydia Caroline M.
Published in Elsevier BV
Volume: 541
Pages: 32 - 42
An organic competent L-Serine (LS) single crystal which corresponds to the division of acentric category has been grown-up and harvested efficiently by the method of slow solvent evaporation. The orthorhombic structure, P212121 space group and crystallinity of LS have been ascertained employing the analysis of single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction. The existence of functional groups in LS molecule was discovered by FT-Raman and FTIR studies. The transmittance spectrum in UV–Visible profile has been utilized to proclaim its substantial optical constant and to establish its crystalline perfection by means of Urbach energy. The investigations of dielectric and ac conductivity have been employed to estimate the activation energy. To evaluate its mechanical stability, Vickers microhardness examination has been executed and significant mechanical parameters have also been assessed. The fluorescence analysis emphasis the electronic excitation and also its life time was also computed. The findings of laser damage threshold signify exquisite resistance to powerful laser radiation. Using the process of Kurtz-Perry, the efficiency of SHG for LS has been examined and it was found to be 0.84 times of standard KDP. The third order nonlinearity were checked by the approach of Z-scan and affirmed that LS exhibit two photon absorption and self-defocusing effect. The results procured in the current work declared that LS is an enticing applicant for the practicable applications in nonlinear optics. © 2018 Elsevier B.V.
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