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Handling of Data from Heterogeneity of Vehicular Devices through Inter-Networking
Published in SAE International
Issue: October

Collection of various data from sensed data or raw availability of data from transcript or interdependency of data from various sources is a tedious task in a real time scenario like an Indian context is considered. Planning to find a solution to collect the data from various vehicular devices about the information related to the pollution becomes a cumbersome job. The need of the data, under what time duration data has to be transmitted, how they are interconnected and whether data needs to be stored or how they are processed is a major question that arise when dealing with collecting data and internetworking with various vehicular devices. A study of two different types of approaches for internetworking between the devices is discussed. One related to real time setup of mobile application and other with the dynamic cluster approach when the nodes are moving in a region was considered. Eliminating the speed of the vehicle with the movement of human formation of cluster with the mobile application to identify the various devices in the vicinity was identified and handoff between the clusters was also taken care in the first approach and in the second one performance metrics while establishing the multi-layer cluster was discussed.

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