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High speed wide fan‐in designs using clock controlled dual keeper domino logic circuits
Published in Wiley
Volume: 41
Issue: 3
Pages: 383 - 395
Clock Controlled Dual keeper Domino logic structures (CCDD_1 and CCDD_2) for achieving a high-speed performance with low power consumption and a good noise margin are proposed in this paper. The keeper control circuit comprises an additional PMOS keeper transistor controlled by the clock and foot node voltage. This control mechanism offers abrupt conditional control of the keeper circuit and reduces the contention current, leading to high-speed performance. The keeper transistor arrangement also reduces the loop gain associated with the feedback circuitry. Hence, the circuits offer less delay variability. The design and simulation of various wide fan-in designs using 180 nm CMOS technology validates the proposed CCDD_1 and CCDD_2 designs, offering an increased speed performance of 7.2% and 8.5%, respectively, over a conventional domino logic structure. The noise gain margin analysis proves good robustness of the CCDD structures when compared with a conventional domino logic circuit configuration. A Monte Carlo simulation for 2,000 runs under statistical process variations demonstrates that the proposed CCDD circuits offer a significantly reduced delay variability factor. © 2019 ETRI
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