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Hydro geochemical characterization of surface and groundwater quality and assessing its suitability of drinking and irrigational purposes in Veeranam Tank area, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu, India
, M. Ganesan
Published in EM International
Volume: 23
Issue: 3
Pages: 1477 - 1493
A hydro geochemical analysis were carried out in and around Veeranam tank area to determine its suitability for drinking and irrigation purposes. Totally 103 samples were collected during August 2015, December 2015 and March 2015. The people living around the Veeranam tank depends on the groundwater for their drinking purposes and both the surface and groundwater for their irrigation purposes. The water samples were analysed for physical characteristics such as pH, EC and chemical characteristics such as Cl, Ca, Mg, Na, K, HCO3, SO4, NO3 . These physico-chemical characteristics were compared with BIS (2012) and WHO (2011) standards to determine its suitability for drinking purpose. Based upon EC concentration, 31.40% of the samples were not suitable for drinking standards. The percentage of samples within the permissible limit for dinking standards according to Ca, Mg, Na and K concentrations were 65.50%, 66.65%, 69.09% and 72.07% respectively. The decreased ionic concentration in west is due to Veeranam tank water recharge and increased ionic concentration towards the east is due to the salt water intrusion near by the coast. The irrigation water quality is determined by Sodium Percentage, Wilcox diagram, Alkalinity and Salinity Hazard, Magnesium Hazard and Residual Sodium Carbonate. Totally 82% and 84.81% of the samples were suitable for irrigation based upon the Wilcox and USSL Classification, respectively. From the study it is identified that groundwater is moderately suitable for drinking and irrigation purposes and necessary appropriate steps should be taken to conserve the groundwater in the study area. © EM International.
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JournalEcology, Environment and Conservation
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