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Hydrocarbon (π- and σ-) complexes of nickel, palladium and platinum: Synthesis, reactivity and applications
, Clayton H.S., Mogorosi M.M., Moss J.R.
Published in
Volume: 254
Issue: 23-24
Pages: 2904 - 2932
With the exception of metallocenes, transition metal complexes with hydrocarbon ligands only are rare. However, complexes of this type containing Group 10 metals are known and have been shown to be quite stable. These complexes are versatile precursors for many organometallic compounds. In addition, such compounds can play an important role in many reactions including C-H or C-C activation reactions and have useful applications in the thermal and photochemical production of metal films by chemical vapour deposition (CVD). The present review summarizes the synthesis, properties and chemistry of hydrocarbon complexes of Group 10 metals of the type LnM or LnMR1R2 (where Ln=σ- or π-hydrocarbon ligands; M=Ni, Pd and Pt; R1, R2=σ-hydrocarbon ligands) without the involvement of any hetero donor ligands such as N, P, O and S in the metal coordination spheres. © 2010 Elsevier B.V.
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JournalCoordination Chemistry Reviews
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