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Hypervalent iodine chemistry and light: Photochemical reactions involving hypervalent iodine chemistry
Published in Arkat
Volume: 2021
Issue: 7
Chemistry of hypervalent iodine reagents have developed extensively after the discovery of IBX as a commercial reagent in organic synthesis. Their stability in air, environmentally nature and unique reactivity under mild reaction conditions makes them more suitable reagents for medicinal and natural product chemistry. Various synthetic transformations have been achieved by using hypervalent iodine reagents under mild reaction conditions. Hypervalent iodine catalysis is identified as an emerging research area in past couple of decades. In past few years, hypervalent iodine reagents have found their application in photoredox catalysis. In this review article, the progress of photoredox catalysis by involving hypervalent iodine reagents would be covered. © 2021 Arkat. All rights reserved.
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