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Hypervalent iodine-mediated synthesis and late-stage functionalization of heterocycles
S.E. Shetgaonkar,
Published in Arkat
Volume: 2020
Hypervalent iodine chemistry has witnessed exponential growth in organic synthesis in recent times. Because of the electrophilic and good-leaving nature of hypervalent iodine reagents, they react with different nucleophiles in various synthetic transformations such as rearrangements, α-functionalization of carbonyl compounds, alkene difunctionalization and oxidation reactions. Importantly, the application of hypervalent iodine reagents in the construction of heterocycles is of great interest and has been well studied over the years. This review article highlights the recent developments accomplished by hypervalent iodine reagents in the synthesis and functionalization of heterocyclic compounds. © 2021 Arkat. All rights reserved.
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