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Image Enhancement Techniques Using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 327 - 347
The image quality enhancement process is considered as one of the basic requirement for high-level image processing techniques that demand good quality in images. High-level image processing techniques include feature extraction, morphological processing, pattern recognition, automation engineering, and many more. Many classical enhancement methods are available for enhancing the quality of images and they can be carried out either in spatial domain or in frequency domain. But in real time applications, the quality enhancement process carried out by classical approaches may not serve the purpose. It is required to combine the concept of computational intelligence with the classical approaches to meet the requirements of real-time applications. In recent days, Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) technique is considered one of the new approaches in optimization techniques and it is used extensively in image processing and pattern recognition applications. In this chapter, image enhancement is considered an optimization problem, and different methods to solve it through PSO are discussed in detail.
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JournalAdvances in Computational Intelligence and Robotics Handbook of Research on Swarm Intelligence in Engineering
PublisherIGI Global
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