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Impact of Teacher’s Immediacy Behavior on Student Learning

GN. Anitha Elavarasi,
Published in
Volume: 40
Issue: 50
Pages: 242 - 259

Purpose-Teaching is an interactive process between both parties. Immediacy is a perception of physical or psychological closeness. When students feel close to teachers they can learn effectively. This is an important benefit of immediacy. The study aims to examine the impact of immediacy behavior of teachers and teacher management communication style on student learning. Design/Methodology/Approach- A survey was conducted among students studying in various engineering colleges. A questionnaire is used to measure teacher’s immediacy behaviors, teacher management communication style and student learning. About 99 students participated in the study. The average age of the respondents was around 21 years. The percentage of male and female respondents was 65.7 and 34.3 respectively. Multiple regression analysis is used to analyze the data. Findings- It is found that nonverbal immediacy behavior, verbal immediacy behavior, and teacher management communication style are positively related to student learning. Nonverbal immediacy behaviors are found to show higher influence on student learning than verbal immediacy

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