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Impacts on Nox Emission Control Measures to Achieve EURO VI Limits - A Review
Saravanan Saravanan,
Published in International Information and Engineering Technology Association
Volume: 52
Issue: 2
Pages: 163 - 171

The intention of this review study is to investigate the control measures of NOx emission. Even though the diesel engine sector plays a pivotal role in economic growth, it brings an unavoidable environmental deterioration. The current work reviews the effect of EGR, boost pressure variation, fuel modification, advanced engine combustion concepts, and after treatment processes for reducing NOx emission to EURO VI level. The outcomes of bio-diesel performance and other emission characteristics are too highlighted. In addition to this, specific attention is given to Porous Medium Combustion (PMC) technology adopted in diesel engines and a separate section is devoted. In order to facilitate a better understanding of PMC technology, simulation and experimental results of NOx emission are reported. Through this porous medium experimental study, it was found that NOx, HC and CO emissions were reduced significantly. Reducing the NOx and PM emissions might simultaneously increase the chance of usage of diesel and biodiesel blends fuelled CI engines in near future. The findings of this research work serve as best possible ways for achieving ultra-low NOx emission subjected to EURO VI norms level is suggested in future directions to give the reader insight and the track for the future investigation.

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JournalJournal Européen des Systèmes Automatisés
PublisherInternational Information and Engineering Technology Association
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